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To be added to pages in the Index: namespace as a means of recording the manual check of the work that all required pages have been transcluded.

There is one parameter, and it can take one of three responses

  • no, to indicate that the transclusion of the work is incomplete or needs checking
  • notadv, to indicate work proper transcluded, though front or end matter advertising material is not transcluded
  • yes, to indicate fully transcluded
  • held, to indicate work is not transcluded, and been put on hold

Note: that it is very important that the checking tool (top-right, looks like Crystal man.png) on the index pages is used prior to adding the parameter, please skip the parameter if you are not running the manual check.


 {{index transcluded|transcluded=no}}
 {{index transcluded|no}}

Where the transclusion check has been undertaken by use of the tool, then the following could also be applied.

 {{index transcluded|transcluded=notadv}}
 {{index transcluded|notadv}}
 {{index transcluded|transcluded=yes}}
 {{index transcluded|1=yes}}
 {{index transcluded|transcluded=held}}
 {{index transcluded|1=held}}

A similar adaptation is made to template:index validated date for the work is completed and validated.

Every checked file with the template will be categorised to Category:Index initial check.

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